A Florida woman was shocked to find a burglar in her apartment last week. Even more shocking was the fact that the burglar apologized and returned the money he stole.

“I walk into my room, and I find all my boyfriend’s shoes and clothes thrown on the floor,” the woman is heard saying in a recorded 911 call. “I said, ‘So you’re trying to rob us?’ And he’s like, he nodded his head.”

The repentant thief, identified as 20-year-old Johnathan Johnson, reportedly told his victim that he’d planned to use the money to buy his son Christmas presents. He also fixed the window screen he’d broken in through.

“I made him leave, and when I came back, he put the screen back on,” the woman told the 911 dispatcher. “I asked him, ‘Where’s my money?’ And he’s like, ‘I forgot to give it to you.’”

Still, the woman was unimpressed by the burglar’s remorse. She reported Johnson to police, who said the young man would still be prosecuted for burglary and theft.

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