Two police officers were shot in the Bronx Monday night, the New York Police Department confirmed.

Police officials told the Associated Press the two cops’ injuries were not life-threatening. Several local news outlets reported the officers were shot while responding to a robbery.

WNBC in New York reported one officer was shot in the back, but is believed to have been wearing a bullet proof vest that may have saved his life while the second officer suffered a graze wound to the elbow.

The Daily News two robbery suspects fled on foot and that responding officers recovered a revolver at the scene.

Both WNBC and the New York Post reported one robbery suspect first fled in a car and crashed, then fled on foot. No suspects have been taken into custody.

The shootings come just weeks after NYPD police officers Wenjian Liu and Raphael Ramos were fatally shot in Brooklyn on Dec. 20 by a man believed to be seeking revenge for the police-involved deaths of Ferguson teen Michael Brown and Eric Garner of Staten Island.

Earlier Monday New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton held a press conference to announce a dip in crime in the city. Bratton also addressed reports of an intentional work slowdown by NYPD cops angry at the mayor’s support of recent anti-cop protests in NYC.

“At this time, I would not use the term slowdown,” Bratton said, adding if he discovers organized effort on the part of police, “we will deal with it very forcefully.”

This is a developing story. Check back for details …

From Yahoo news.

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